Update regarding the COVID-19 virus

In today's climate of uncertainty surrounding travel, we would like to take some time to write to you on behalf of all the people at Hotel Venus.
We would like to assure you that the safety of our members, our employees but above all our customers has been and is our highest priority.
Above all, we hope you, your family and your friends are safe.

Hotel Venus closely monitors the global situation and is taking active measures to mitigate the impact and spread of COVID-19, also known as the new Coronavirus. This expansion of COVID-19 leads us to obey and adapt to the instructions and decisions of the Greek government, always with the aim of defending the health of our visitors, employees and associates.

We hope that the pandemic cycle will end as soon as possible so that we can return to safe conditions for all.

Guests protection

Hotel Venus continues to work with local health authorities, strictly following the advice of both the European Health Organization (EU-OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our hotel cooperates with the local Health Center of Tinos located 1 km from our hotel.

Our biggest priority is that our hotel guests and members can
feel safe in our hotel. To ensure this, our trusted experts have advised the following changes to the already strict cleaning programs:

  • Everyone, including guests and members of our hotel, has easy access to disinfection points with manual disinfection gels, thermometers and gloves.

  • All rooms are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected according to the highest standards, paying special attention to areas with high use, such as the toilets, beds, doors, etc.

  • All common areas are cleaned regularly and thoroughly according to the highest standards, paying special attention to areas with the most frequent use, such as door handles, elevators, breakfast room, etc.

  • All members of our team undergo a temperature test every day to ensure a healthy work environment.

  • Ongoing updates have been put in place to ensure that our hotel members are fully prepared to provide information and updates to our guests.

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